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About Natalie

Just like our hats, let's start from the top

Natalie's introduction to millinery came at a very early age in life, given her family connections to the industry in Luton, the UK capital of the hat manufacturing trade. Always creative as a child, Natalie completed an Art Foundation and finished her Costume with Production Design degree from The Bournemouth Arts University in 2015, and by this point had already set her heart on a career in millinery. Before even finishing Uni, Natalie had embarked on several London internships, including two weeks with the Queen's milliner. Upon completion of the internships, various employments as a milliner, a year long trip around the globe and a pandemic, Natalie has settled in the heart of the historic city of Salisbury. After much persuasion and encouragement from friends and family, Natalie created 'Natalie Laine Millinery' in 2021, initially working from home. As the business rapidly grew, Natalie realised the need for more space, more time and more help, and all of these elements arrived at the end of 2022 when the business moved to her first Studio.


Under the names of top level milliners, Natalie has designed and created hats for celebrities, socialites and members of the British Royal Family. Working with such a variety of milliners has given Natalie a greater depth of understanding of a multitude of materials, techniques and design elements, which has allowed her to create her own style and individuality whilst not limiting the wearers' requirements.

Natalie's vision fills a gap in the market for headwear that embraces a contemporary and modest style. Modern day millinery means we no longer look for hats that need a heavy trim; instead, Natalie is focussed on the balance of shapes for the wearer, created with minimalism, through careful positioning, textures and colour combinations. 

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