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Let's design & create it just for you

Our Options

Option one:

Of course, all of our hats can be made in any colourway just for you. But have you spotted the shape of one of our hats that you just love, and want to make it completely unique by changing some of the decorative elements? Or seen some of our feather work that you think would polish off your headpiece perfectly? We can work with you on designing, adding in and creating something that is absolutely yours, completely worked for you. 

Option two:

If you own one of our hats, we still have options! We can jazz up an 'old hat' by changing the decorations, the shapes, and various colours. So if you think you have the perfect hat already for your next event, there's no need to splash out on a whole new headpiece when your hat can be reworked and look like something new!

Get in touch with us if you want to find out more information, or discuss your bespoke headpiece further at

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